Landsnet procurement are subjected to the Icelandic regulation no. 340/2017 for procurement by entities operating in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors and for procurement over the EU threshold and Icelandic laws and regulation.

Landsnet advertises all open tenders procedures on the webpage

Landsnet runs a procurement portal where all open tenders can be found. The portal is has three language options; Icelandic, English and Polish.

Procurement for the Icelandic grid are usually closed procedures where parties participating are selected from the Utilities NCE qualification system. The URL for the qualification system is

Landsnet performs supplier evaluation and all procurement is subjected to our general conditions and terms for our suppliers. The General supplier terms and condition can be found here. Suppliers who wish to be in business with Landsnet must fulfill and accept the terms.

Suppliers for the grid are subjected to further evaluation.