Increased safety awareness has been firmly established with our employees and we are continually making progress. We are one of the few companies in Iceland with a safety management system that adheres to the international safety standard OHSAS 18001.

The standard is a requirement for safety and work environment management and requires companies to operate according to the standard, continually working on reforms and therefore making them more likely to succeed. The OHSAS standard should among other things ensure that safety in the work environment is an integral part of the assessment and decision-making process for business investments, construction, operation, selection of contractors and purchase of goods and services. The same security requirements are outlined for all our contractors and service providers.

"We focus on health, personal and operational safety and show concern for people and the society we live in. We create a positive, accident-free workplace where everyone feels welcome and are committed to preventing accidents, deaths and illness. We are individually responsible for our own safety and understand the safety, health and workplace risks that accompany our activities. We use known methods to identify, assess and control risk, and if the work is not safe, we find a safe way. "


NSR The Electric Grid Emergency Management Forum is a platform for emergency cooperation between the TSO, the electric energy producers, the distributors, the power intensive users and official bodies.

The NSR is not a response party and does not manage or coordinate emergency response. Management of emergency response is in the hands of the respective response parties. The purpose of the Forum is to give assistance during emergency response.

The role of the NSR forum is:

  • To promote cooperation between its members in preparation for and during emergencies and so increase the resilience of the electric energy system in the nations interest,
  • To encourage open information management and use of coordinated emergency communication system,
  • To strengthen the cooperation with the Civil Protection Coordination Centre and other response parties in preparedness and response,
  • To encourage the coordination of idioms, response plans and definitions in law and regulations of the roles and responsibilities of the members in emergency response.

Landsnet the Icelandic TSO leads the NSR Forum.




  • To create an accident-free work place
  • To carry out risk assessments on all aspects of operations
  • To ensure that the responsibility of management is clearly defined and that all employees feel assured that their safety is of the utmost importance
  • To check that all work stations are appropriately equipped to ensure the safety and ongoing wellbeing of employees
  • To ensure that all employees receive necessary training in occupational health and safety
  • To consistently work towards continuous improvement in occupational health and safety matters
  • To register and all incidents pertaining to occupational health and safety and to proactively work towards preventing them from re-occurring
  • Landsnet operates in accordance with OHSAS 18001
  • The safety management system and Occupational Health and Safety Policy are reviewed annually. Employees and other stakeholders are informed of the results and priorities
  • The Safety Committee is responsible for safety issues and develops all relevant policies
  • The Emergency Committee steers all responses to large-scale threats or emergencies. The responses to these situations are accessible and regular emergency exercises are carried out systematically


Halldór Halldórsson
Safety Manager