Are you a new member of the electricity market? If the answer is yes, then there are various things you may need to consider and the following information could be useful

  • What needs to be considered when connecting to the transmission system?
  • You need to be able to connect to the transmission system

New customer

Grid codes are technical specifications which define the terms and conditions set out by Landsnet with regard to the connection of any facility to the electricity network. These specifications must also be pursuant to the provisions outlined in the Electricity Act with regard to transmission capacity, security of supply and the quality of the transmission system. They are also designed to ensure equality amongst Landsnet´s customers by defining the relevant rights and responsibilities. 

Requesting a new connection is an application process.

Landsnet cannot guarantee the time frame needed to connect any new customer. Various issues, such as the status or specific needs of a project can greatly affect the process and each project is considered induvidually.

Who can we connect?

Landsnet´s customers include distributors, power generators and power intensive users.

Power intensive users who use a minimum of 80 GWh per year can connect directly to the transmission system. Smaller users can connect to the relevant distributor.

Power generators above 10 MW must connect directly to the transmission system but stations below 10 MW have the option of connection to the relevant distributor.

All distribution systems are required to connect to the transmission system. 

Transmission tariff

The tariff for Transmission of Electricity and Ancillary Services can be found here.

To get an idea of the estimated transmission cost you can use our calculator.

Application process

The process starts by filling out and sending an application form, providing us with all the necessary information to carry out preliminary assessment on the conformity of the project to the relevant requirements, as well as a needs analysis for the connection.

Formal negotiations will only begin once the technical, financial and general feasibility of the project has been approved by both parties. Contracts have recently been simplified and various provisions have been incorporated into Landsnet´s grid codes to ensure transparency and to prevent any discrimination amongst customers.

Landsnet will not take on any financial obligations until all the provisions of the transmission agreement have been lifted. The construction phase will then begin and the facility will subsequently be connected to the network, enabling operations to begin. 

Please contact us regarding you enquiry. You can send us an email at

Requirements/Grid codes

Landsnet´s grid codes outline our requirements with regard to the operation, connection and financial commitments of the connection process. 

Transmission capacity in the transmission system

Transmission capacity in each connection point can be seen here. The picture assumes endless supply of energy. The connection points are limited to the transmission system, N-0 delivery and the current state of the transmission system. The site is only in icelandic but it shows the current system (is: "Núverandi kerfi") and a long term plan in the next 10 years (is: "Langtímaáætlun (10 ár)").