Cooperation and knowledge sharing between international electricity transmission companies is important to Landnset. We are well-connected to comparable electricity transmission companies elsewhere in the Nordic region including in Denmark, Fingrid in Finland, Svenska kraftnät in Sweden and Statnett in Norway.

We have also established innovative, cooperative projects with international electricity transmission companies and consultants, with the objective of finding affordable solutions for new projects and operations.

ITOMS (The International Transmission Operations & Maintenance Study) is a global consortium “dedicated to advancing performance and best practices across the electric transmission industry.” The project has revolutionised maintenance matters and has improved efficiency. Landsnet, and its predecessor, have participated in this analysis over a 13 year period and our cost/productivity within transmission operations and maintenance has proved to be the lowest in the control group.

CIGRE (the Council on Large Electric Systems) is an international non-profit Association of manufacturers, universities and experts.  The Association has structured work programmes and study committees dedicated to “improve electric power systems of today and tomorrow.”

TSO -Transmission System Operator is an international project focusing on key performance indicators in control station operations. Landsnet is one of 21 participants, worldwide.

GARPUR is a cooperative project coordinated by seven countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Iceland and Norway.